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We are a small company that will adapt to the Global Compact ..

We have made it our task to promote digitization for families, children and kindergartens

without neglecting the possible security.


Children under the age of 18 make up almost a third of the world newspaper. In many countries children pose and even quickly determine the differences in the population. Enterprises - regardless of whether they are large or small - inevitably come into contact with children and relatives in their behavior and behavior, both directly and indirectly. Children are important stakeholders of companies, whether as consumers, family members of contracts, young workers or as future employees and managers. You are part of the communities and life in which businesses are.

The general interest, which relates to the role that the company has among other and other social actors in society. In addition, there is a greater awareness of the connection between entrepreneurship and human rights. The question of the life of a company on children's lives is therefore very topical. Children belonged to the same boundary conditions and the rights of society because they have no voice in the public discussion. Children are rarely processed in the regulations or even in a friendly manner - even with decisions that regulate them directly, such as the planning of schools and leisure orders. If you heard them, that all who relate see themselves, that they can make a different and valuable contribution with their very own perspectives.

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SAMYDA is by parents for parents and children, as well as all companies that organize events with parents and children.

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What are our features


Why a new network

- We do not want to and cannot be for free

- We will protect all data and not sell

- We protect the privacy of our users


Schools and kindergartens Organize classes and working groups

- Interface to school portals

- Organize digital content (videos of learning content, online meetings, etc.)

- Letters to parents

- Calendar

- Digital Class Book

- Sickness notifications

- Digital bulletin board


For parents and nannies

- Circumference search for children with similar interests who have time and desire for a playdate

- Organizing groups (kindergarten groups, parent representatives)

- Securely store who is allowed to take which child home from the facility

- Geofencing for children to receive messages when children leave a given area

- Overview through active agreement who is accepted into the child's circle of friends

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